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If you live within 10 miles of Wolverhampton, WV8, you can book the Maths/ It tutor for one-to-one home tuition either at you own home or at the home of the tutor. Make your enquiry by email, or telephone between 8am and 12pm Monday to Friday, or by telephoning to leave a message.

Charges per hour, per student are:

£30.00 - up to and including A-Level

There is no extra charge for travelling up to 5 miles distance from Wolverhampton, WV8. There is an additional charge for travelling outside this area.

Private tuition is offered as a service and, subject to arrangement, is available in these subjects at these levels:

ICT/Computer Science to GCSE
    and other IT qualifications up to Level1/ Level 2;
Maths to GCSE
    and other Maths qualifications up to Level1/ Level 2;

Tuition in Pure Maths and Statistic and IT/ICT/Computer Science is offered to A-Level or Level 3 by special arrangement Programming languages catered for are:

Python, Java and VB
MS Office Automation and sql
html, css, javascript and php

This information relates to 1 tutor: the Maths/IT tutor (Wolverhampton) and availability is limited.

The tutor is qualified to degree level in Computer Science, A-Level in Maths and GCSE in 6 other subjects. The tutor is DBS checked and a member of The Tutors' Association, with classroom experience and 6 years teaching one-to-one, both children and adults.1.

  1. Always check a tutor's qualifications and documentation for yourself. It is usual to meet your tutor before finalising an arrangement for tuition.

I'm a serious young man of 50 plus, listening to Radio 4, watching Channel 4 News and reading quite a lot of fiction. I'm father of three grown-up children whose interests variously are in IT and networking, child-care and education, history and sociology.

I graduated from Wolverhampton University in 2006, having spent time also in secondary school courtesy of the University's Student Associate Scheme. In addition, I've experienced one-to-one work in adult education delivering literacy, numeracy and maths.

I have previously worked in industry, but now devote my full-time to private tuition.


More about the service

Lessons can be arranged weekdays between 4pm and 9pm, subject to availability. If telephoning, please phone between 9am and 2pm Monday to Saturday, or else leave a message or text.

Spaces currently available weekday evenings (3):

    Wed.     8pm,    9:15pm
    Thu.     5:45pm,    7pm

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All sessions will be prepared and that preparation will have reference to recognised schemes of work, the National Curriculum or an exam specification as appropriate. I work with adults and children. It could be that you want to catch up with school work or improve your abilities so that you can get on better at school, or improve your prospects of obtaining a good grade in exams. You might want to upgrade your skills to make progress at work or to prepare for a new job, or you may want to add to your qualifications as a private candidate. It is always my aim to foster as far as possible your understanding and independence in the subject you are studying, making each session count toward achieving your goal.

There will be ongoing evaluation. I can, of course, formally report my evaluation from time to time, although, in my experience, students quickly become aware of how they are doing - a characteristic, perhaps, of working one-to-one. It's a good thing, I think, if even younger students can express for themselves the nature and degree of their own progress. I encourage this. Working in private tuition demands a professional approach - there really is no other option. Homework from school can be discussed but cannot be done, actually, during sessions and similarly with course work. It simply does not profit you, the student, to have work done for you or to be told exactly what to do. It is, after all, all about your development, your understanding and your abilities. It's about your future.


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